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Monday, November 13, 2006

It's all CUPCAKES from here!

An old high school classmate of mine called me last month to ask if it was possible to order cupcakes for her daughter who was turning six. Mind you, they live all the way in Anaheim and I don't deliver that far, most especially for 3 dozen cupcakes! But I made an exception this time as this is an old friend and the delivery was to be made at Downtown Disney at the Build-a-Bear shop! Why not, I might as well enjoy the place while I'm there.

However, this was the weekend when the clock changed an hour back and no - I didn't make the mistake of not doing so - my friend did! They made it on time for the Build-a-Bear party but they didn't anticipate it finishing earlier. I was told to deliver at 2:45 but the party was over by 2 PM! She looked at her watch (bearing the wrong time which was 3 PM) and called to ask me why I wasn't there yet when the party was already over! What the.....? Oh well....wasn't my fault but I still delivered on schedule. Unfortunately, we weren't able to put the cupcakes on the decorated tower I made for the occasion :( So here's what the cupcakes looked like, along with the jumbo cupcake that we were going to put candles on so Lauren can do the whole "blowing the candle and make a wish" deal. At least the kid still enjoyed her chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with some of her friends! Oh, kids are just so easy to please - I think....

HALLOWEEN TIME!!! Cartoon Network hosted a fun afternoon of interesting looking characters and yours truly provided the festive treats!

The following week was Grey Delisle's baby shower. She's the voice of Mandy on the Cartoon Network series, Billy and Mandy. She's well known in the animation industry and I was very honored to have been commissioned to make cupcakes for the event. She wanted red velvet cupcakes with a vintage Texan/turquoise theme. So I'm thrilled to present........drum roll, please...........ta-da............a 105 cupcake tower for Grey!

The day after was my friend, Jennifer Baker-Gase's turn to have her baby shower. Again, she's a very well respected background painter in the animation industry and I was fortunate enough to have been asked to provide the party with my red velvets. This time the theme was pink - does that tell everyone what she and her husband are expecting? That was a fabulous day for a baby shower, good turn out of guests bringing all their love for Jenny and her little +1!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm back!

Haven't posted much in a while but it's not because I haven't had much to bake. On the contrary, I've been so busy baking lately that I haven't had time to devote to my blog. My website is still under construction, no thanks to my crazy schedule. But now that I have some time to take it easy, I can finally do my updates.

First off, my friend Alex Almaguer just celebrated his 30th birthday on Oct. 8. A milestone indeed! His wife, Holly, ordered a cake for that celebation and this is what I came up with. Many thanks to the artwork courtesy of the very talented Mark Bachand.
It's chocolate with whipped cream and strawberry filling and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it at Dave & Busters where they had his birthday bash.

Next, I did another birthday cake for the Class of 3000 crew. This one was classic white with whipped chocolate ganache for filling.
Thought this might be the last of the sheet cakes I'll be making because I have decided to simplify my menu for a while. I have decided to concentrate on cupcakes now, for all occasions - be it birthdays, baby showers, weddings, you name it. While I'm still a one woman baking factory, I think this might be easier to manage for now while I'm still splitting my time between animation and BluRuby. Which is also why we're going to re-work my website so that it will be all about cupcakes from now on.

However, I had one last request for a sheet cake. This came from my friend, Jeremy, who happens to be my web guy as well so, how can I refuse??? It's for his 5 year old nephew who was finally allowed to see Star Wars. As a present, this is what we gave him for his big day. It's a 1/8 sheet, classic white cake with whipped cream and strawberry filling. The whole family enjoyed it :)

So there, so long to sheet cakes for now. It's all about cupcakes from now on, folks! Bear with me, please! I'll get back to baking cakes again someday, I promise :)