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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

We'll Miss You, Chowder

The artwork on this cake was drawn by Carl Greenblatt, creator of Chowder.

What else can I say? All lot of inspiration that were translated into cupcakes and cake. I had the best time working on this show. I haven't worked on something so different and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, not to mention, funny! Thanks, Dan Krall, for teaching me how to use the croquille. Now I can't seem to put it down. I love that darn tool :/

And the happy hours - thanks to my partners in crime, Mr. Bill Flores and Mr. Blake Lemons! And here we are........

Okay, not my most flattering picture but it WAS happy hour! What do you expect? This picture was actually taken during our last happy hour on Chowder. And here's more....

Why would CNS not want to make more Chowder? Beats me.