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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Okay, it's a bit too late for that but it HAS been a while since I posted anything. Blame it all on doing too many things at the same time - day job, freelance, and baking! That's right, I thought my powers could handle everything but alas, reality hit and the energizer bunny finally ran out of juice! So after a much deserved R & R in Hawaii, I came back and hung my spatula for the holidays! That's right, I didn't bake one single cupcake all throughout Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.

However, as soon as I started back at Cartoon Network, the Ben 10 production was wrapping up their recording and ordered a cake for that occasion. Could't turn them down because they were pretty persuasive so even though I've focused on cupcakes for the past months, I agreed to bake them their cake.
I'm pretty happy with the results!

Since I mentioned I started back at CNS early this year, I forgot to mention I'm on this new show called "Chowder". It's about this boy who's a novice chef and his adventures. How lucky am I to have landed that gig! A show about cooking!!! Thanks a lot, Carl Greenblatt, creator of Chowder, for having given me this great opportunity to be part of a really good and funny show, not to mention, beautiful! Totally cool style! Check out the promo:

Anyway. to show my gratitude, I made cupcakes this week for the crew. Check these out:

Feel the love?